Thursday, October 20

The People of Patika Coffee | Austin, TX

Don't break my heart. Don't tell me you've lived in Austin, visited Austin for more than a weekend and have never been to Patika Coffee on South Lamar. Come for the coffee, stay for the scones.
 Maybe meet the owner, Andy, his welcoming demeanor.
The music on the weekends. 
The light in the morning. 
The cool of the shaded patio as the light fades.
The bar just the perfect height to have a standing desk. 
This could be one of two coffeeshops in all of Austin that when I order decaf, they consistently make sure they're giving me decaf. That's reason enough to return.

I've never had a bad *anything* here and there are rumors (oh those rumors!) that Patika is expanding it's menu. I asked where they get all of their fabulous pastries and it's no wonder they have a pastry chef on site! So get on over here if you haven't already heard how awesome this place is. Or wait.. maybe ignorance is bliss? 

I've only been talking about the space, 
but these people? 
I've been going here maybe a little over a year
and every new barista I meet is just as amazing
as the last. Andy sure knows how to pick these peeps!

And here is the darling Michael (above!) and Andy below. 

You're the best, Andy! 
Thanks for letting me be a small part of Patika,
for sharing the story of this beautiful space, food and people with me! 
The pleasure's all mine! 

Cheers to adventures ahead! 

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