Thursday, November 10

The Wythe | Brooklyn's Most Darling Boutique Hotel

I had the pleasure of staying at the Wythe again during my Brooklyn visit.
My friend Gina who lives in Brooklyn paid me a late night visit and sighed "Oh Carli... this room does feel so much like you." I couldn't agree more. The simplicity. The hand-drawn custom wallpaper. The raw wood and leather. Clean lines and understated elegance. 

Under Peter's direction and Kimia's exemplary eye, The Wythe is my favorite. 

They're soon to be offering packages that include champagne, flowers and a darling banner.
Don't say no! Brooklynites and adventurers alike, you won't be disappointed.

Thank you darling Peter and Kimia and every other lovely soul that made my stay exemplary, once again. I shall return! Never soon enough! 

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