Thursday, November 3

Michael + MacKenzie | The Wedding Fit for a Prince + Princess

2nd Photographer: Brandon Hill
Venue (oh my gosh!!) : Palazzo Lavaca
Wedding dress: Unbridaled
Florals: Gypsy Floral
Hair/Makeup: Flair Style Lounge

I have no words.
This wedding deserves more than a dozen pictures... I'll do 
a full blog post when it's all edited to try to do it justice.

"Perfect" I kept overhearing the whole night, 
from vendors, family, from the most beautiful 
kind-hearted bride and groom.

I couldn't have said it better. 

MacKenzie and Mike,
From the bottom of my heart thank you.
What a beautiful story you're writing... 


PS: So so many more fabulous moments to come. 
PSS: I shot my first wedding in 2007 and am currently calling this magnificent one, my last. What a send off.

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Gary Zimmerman said...

To Carli,

It is sad to think this is your last wedding, you were and are an amazing photographer. Thank you to you and Brandon both for blending in so seamlessly and becoming one of the family throughout the night. It was an amazing evening and we know that you captured it perfectly. We can't wait to see the rest.

Thank you again for being there and helping to make this the perfect night that we'll all remember.


The Dad!