Thursday, November 3

Patika's New Breakfast Lineup

Voila! Patika's new breakfast menu! 

Scones and quinoa bowls and veggie toasts to name a few.

When I spoke with Andy he was adamant he wanted to be 
different than the typical ATX coffee shop of breakfast tacos and,
 loving a hearty protein-filled breakfast myself, that made my heart happy. 

Patika's best kept secret?
It's easy to miss the perfectly shaded patio in the back if all the tables are filled inside!
Don't forget about it! You'll place your breakfast order at the front counter, get a little buzzer
and within a few minutes the trailer behind will be brimming with massaged kale 
and 4 minute eggs, pickled radishes and avocado toast!  

Thanks Andy, for letting me be a part of Patika's magic. :)

You're incredible!

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