Monday, January 9

Singer-Songwriter Sarah Davis | Produced by Abe Yellen

Meet Sarah Davis. 

Half singer songwriter/ other half full-mooned heart shining out of her eyes and wafting like sweet smoke from her lips. 
She's got the open-hearted vulnerability of The Civil Wars,
a likeness of Emma Louise 
and melodies reminiscent of the classic Sarah MacLachlan 

Ever heard of the band Night Beds?
Half of Night Beds is Abraham Yellen, Sarah's producer. 
I had the pleasure of hanging out with the crew of them for a recording session, only two short weeks before Sarah's wedding.

An otherwordly delight.

The whole time we were in the condo/revonated recording studio in downtown ATX Abe had Cary Grant black and white classics playing with the subtitles on. He said it helps set the mood. 
After learning that one of the major composers had his wife read to him while he was composing, it's easy to see Abe's genius shining through. Story-telling in melodies at it's finest. If you haven't heard of Night Beds, now would be a good time to listen to Me, Liquor and God or Cherry Blossoms and catch the gorgeous layering. 

Sarah you are an absolute delight.
I can't wait to watch this baby of yours be released into the world.
We need more hearts like yours.
We need more words and melodies and healing hearts like yours.

Much gratitude for sharing your time and energy 
with me,


You'll be able to catch one of Sarah's singles before the week's over! Stay tuned! 
I'll post the link on Instagram when it's live! So exciting!!  

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